On Demand Webinar
Application Archiving
to the Cloud

On Demand Webinar Details

Title: SAP on AWS – Application Archiving to the Cloud

Introduction: Kurt Wiener, Director Business Development, DACH region

Presentation: Ben Lingwood, Chief Innovation Officer

Language: English

Duration: 45 mins

Many organisations have legacy SAP systems which must be retained for legislative and operational reasons that are expensive to maintain, in high-cost data centers, and under expensive managed service agreements. These systems are accessed infrequently, and kept accessible to the business users, mostly for legal reporting requirements be it FDA Compliance, Statutory Financial Reporting, or others.

In this webinar, we will cover Lemongrass Application Archiving Automation and explore the following:

– How to comply with legal requirements (GDPDU, GDPR, GOB, GOBS)
– How to reduce operating costs by up to 90% with AWS pricing options
– Build a well-defined and proven financial business case
– Live demo of Lemongrass Start & Stop Cockpit
– Learn from customer success stories

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