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If remote IT is here to stay, how can CIOs make it work?

Posted 9 October 2020 by Jason Wojahn

Many CIOs are asking: is remote IT here to stay, or will the majority of IT staff eventually return to the office? At least in the short term, the more relevant questions might be, how productive can we expect remote IT to be, how can CIOs ensure their productivity, and what metrics should IT consider to gauge their effectiveness?


Lemongrass Appoints CTO to Lead Cloud Platform Development

Posted 20 August 2020 by Lisa Desmond

Lemongrass announces the appointment of Vince Lubsey to Chief Technology Officer. Lubsey will lead a global team in the design, development, implementation and support of the Lemongrass Cloud Platform (formerly known as MiCloud).


SAP on AWS Innovation News: July 2020

Posted 27 July 2020 by Ben Lingwood

New features, industry innovations, capabilities, products & updates being announced from AWS. Adding new options & capabilities for SAP on AWS.


AWS Well-Architected Competency | Review & Benefits

Posted 20 December 2019 by Ben Lingwood

Learn how Lemongrass gains AWS Well-Architected Competency. The benefits of carrying out a review with the AWS Well-Architected Tool helps you analyse the state of your workloads and compares them to the latest AWS architectural best practices.


Lemongrass AWS Migration Competency Company

Posted 26 November 2019 by Ben Lingwood

We are delighted to announce that Lemongrass Consulting has been awarded the AWS Migration Competency. This is in recognition of the thousands of SAP systems that we have migrated to AWS with a 100% success rate.


SAP on AWS – Mothballing to the Cloud

Posted 5 July 2019 by Walter Beek / Ben Lingwood

Mothballing to the Cloud, historical reporting or reference systems that are kept to fulfil FDA compliance, financial reporting or other legal requirements.


Lemongrass Certified Under G-CLOUD 11 for SAP on AWS

Posted 10 June 2019 by Walter Beek / Ben Lingwood

Lemongrass Consulting is one of the very few AWS Premier Partners certified under the G-CLOUD 11 framework to deliver SAP on AWS migrations, automation and run services for UK Government organisations.


The Action Driven Enterprise

Posted 30 April 2019 by Walter Beek

Becoming an Action Driven Enterprise will be critical for organisational survival. It takes the output of the Data-Driven Enterprises and turns it into actionable items. To make that transformation requires leadership, tooling and a different way of working.



Posted 08 April 2019 by Ben Lingwood

DevOps for SAP drives true business value through enabling faster innovation through SAP on AWS. It requires a new way of thinking and working. This is often a challenge and Lemongrass offers this in a ‘DevOps as a Service’ model. This will enable you to get started, fast, and when ready take full control.


Internet of Things | SAP on AWS

Posted 28th March 2019 by Ben Lingwood

The concept of connected devices via the “Internet of Things” has radically evolved over the last few years, the rather limited view of it being simply physically connected devices has now been broken down into more granular, usable atomic elements, none more-so than with SAP in the AWS Ecosystem.


Would you survive a ransomware attack on you or your SAP Business One customers?

Posted 14th March 2019 by Walter Beek

Ransomware attacks are a large threat to businesses across the globe. At least two SAP Business One technical service providers that we are aware of have fallen victim in recent times.

Keeping your SAP Business One up and running is as key to us as it is to you. Reducing the opportunities for attack as much as possible is vital. Preventing a successful attack from spreading is of equal importance. It is never too late to secure.