An AWS Migration Competency Company

Posted 26 November 2019 by Ben Lingwood

We are delighted to announce that Lemongrass Consulting has been awarded the AWS Migration Competency. This is in recognition of the thousands of SAP systems that we have migrated to AWS with a 100% success rate. We are now an AWS Premier Partner, Managed Service Partner and Reseller holding the Migration, SAP, Well-Architected, Solution and Public Sector Competencies.

The Migration Competency provides added assurance to Lemongrass existing and prospective customers in the migration of business-critical SAP workloads to AWS.

To achieve the Migration Competency, AWS executed extensive Audits across Lemongrass’s key projects over the last 18 months ensuring:

  • Migration Capability: Executing migration through patterns and automation leveraging AWS technology best practice;
  • Innovation Capability: Use of innovation to consistently drive down the cost and risk of migrations at higher quality and predictability;
  • Customer Obsession: Demonstrating high customer satisfaction through our Net Promoter Scores;
  • Valued Premier Partner: Demonstrating high value add through AWS internal review;
  • Delivering Well-Architected Solutions: Demonstrating a Design Framework executed to AWS standards, including Well Architected Principles and achieving high scores in Well Architected Reviews.

This award and certification provide our valued customers and prospects additional assurance of Lemongrass’s qualifications to execute mission-critical migrations and operations of their SAP environments to AWS.

With this latest certification awarded, Lemongrass now hold all major certifications relating to the running and operations of Enterprise SAP estates including:

  • Premier Partner: The highest attainable AWS Partner tier
  • Managed Service Partner (MSP): Proven ability to RUN Enterprise estates to high SLAs
  • Migration Partner: Proven mission-critical migration ability
  • SAP Consulting Partner: Proven, deep SAP technology experience, and capability
  • Public Sector Competency: Specialist skills and framework certification for Government
  • Well Architected Partner: Executing AWS design and build to the highest enterprise standards

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