From the Fields to the Cloud

Royal Friesland Campina, a cooperative of 19,000 farmers, process milk in 32 countries and follow their product from “grass to glass” to 100 countries.They don’t want to worry about to systems performance, wait for servers, lose focus, or miss out on technology. This is the reason why the started by dipping into their experience in the cloud with AWS.

In this video Gavan Horton, Global Director Operations, explains how, by working with us, they waded into the cloud environment in nine months, under budget, and with an annual saving of €204k on their legacy SAP. This means they got full return on investment in less than one year.

They are now swimming in agile waters with AWS and the next project is to move their core SAP systems. They expect to get a 40% saving, whilst running their environment faster, smarter, and for longer. This equates to a €1.5million reduction.

Watch Gavan explain all about their approach and experience of moving SAP to AWS in the video, including the benefits and risks.