Lemongrass Press Release:
Internet of Things | SAP on AWS

Posted 28th March 2019 by Ben Lingwood

The concept of connected devices via the “Internet of Things” has radically evolved over the last few years, the rather limited view of it being simply physically connected devices has now been broken down into more granular, usable atomic elements, none more-so than with SAP in the AWS Ecosystem.

Over the last few years we have seen distinct waves of innovation, from the first ripples of realisation as to the benefits of a completely and near infinite scalable platform, through the realisation that most day to day tasks and the bottlenecks of traditional Waterfall style releases can be fully automated with DevOps enablement. This releases more time to invest mining the new business currency of data that’s been historically dammed inside enterprise applications by opening the sluice gates into application agnostic Data Lakes.

5 waves

This progression has led us to the natural emergence of the fifth wave of the Internet of Things. In this wave the “Things” are not only physical, in fact they are more likely to be integrated and connected by APIs. This is the wave that SAP can be extended, enhanced and become more integrated than is possible with native functionality. AWS have hundreds (more than any other Hyper-scaler) of API exposed services spanning IoT, Machine Learning and VR that can be easily integrated into SAP native functionality, real examples of this include:

  • API integration between ECC and DeepLens allows for image-based lookups – if that’s a component part or a person, DeepLens can be trained to recognise and lookup the identified object in SAP. For example this is being used in retail to lookup parts for orders. Simply change DeepLens to AWS Rekognition and this can be an existing image, or to AWS Comprehend which leverages natural language recognition to read and pickup highlights of documents or social media feeds. The API based “Lego blocks” allow applications to be easily extended, interchanged and developed as required.
  • Leveraging native SAP API’s in CRM with AWS Lex or Polly and spoken communication and screen updates is possible – simply ask CRM what the top sales items, people and results are.
  • AWS Sumerian allows 3D virtual images interaction to be linked into SAP, for example tapping on a 3D image of a machine to confirm and order a replacement part or see technical data from a mobile device which fetches master data, places orders and stock management back in ECC6.0.

fifth wave

The Lemongrass IoT-SAP Service is specifically designed to help you discover, define and develop AWS extension services around your SAP on AWS platforms managed by our MiCloud platform. As both the largest & market leading organisation running and automating SAP on AWS our operational and products team are uniquely positioned to assist you in extending your SAP functionality through AWS IoT services.

This is not custom development. This is API Architecture. By leveraging published REST APIs any extension developments are decoupled from updates on the core service of platform (for example SAP maintain API / Services throughout the product lifecycle) this is exactly the same method we use for all our MiCloud Automation capabilities which ensures that the platform is both future compatible and able to leverage new features almost immediately from their release date.

Our IoT-SAP Service executes the following methodology enable your SAP IoT enhancement functionality:

  • Discovery: Based on your actors, business requirement or enhancement concepts the Lemongrass specialists will work to translate your requirements into specification sheets documenting the required IoT and business extension functionality required to extend your Enterprise SAP functionality.
  • Define: Working with our AWS and SAP platform expertise teams, the IoT & Machine learning extension requirements are functionally mapped across the hundreds of available AWS IoT & ML engines to expand SAP beyond its native features set. With on average 1200 new updates being released in AWS annually deep AWS expertise is critical to ensure the latest features form part of your architecture.

machine learning

  • Develop: Leveraging only SAP & AWS published REST and program API native integration your SAP IoT extensions and enhancements are constructed and documented inside your own AWS account, operationalised and required training is executed across your organisation before being productively monitored.

For further illustrations and examples of how you can extend SAP beyond infrastructure with AWS IoT Services please also see the Lemongrass strategy video https://youtu.be/OEGmHLx40NI

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