Lemongrass accelerates towards fully automated SAP on AWS with the acquisition of SDOM IP

Reading, 21 February 2019

Specialist technology company to provide the most affordable, low downtime solution for SAP to AWS migrations.
MiCloud Migrate to reduce migration downtime by over 90%.

Lemongrass Consulting, the SAP on AWS specialists, have completed the acquisition of the SAP specialist migration methodology and accelerator IP – formerly known as SDOM – from Canopus GBS. Following this addition to their service, Lemongrass Consulting announce an update to their SAP migration service. The new functionality enables the migration of SAP systems from “Any-DB” to “Any-DB” with industry leading near-0 downtime.

This complimentary utility was developed in particular to optimise extremely large any-to-any SAP migrations. Its methodology which has been used for companies with over 30TB databases since 2014, has been brought into Lemongrass’ MiCloud platform as part of their Discover & Migrate module.

Kieran Pierce, Products CEO at Lemongrass, says “For customers with complex SAP environments, this is revolutionary. They might have been looking at over two days for their migration, but now this can be reduced to just over 4 hours, a reduction of over 90%.”

Kieran Pierce, SAP D&M Products CTO at Lemongrass and formerly Canopus GBS, adds “MiCloud Migrate won’t just be for extremely large and complex migrations. By the end of this year, we plan to make this available for all customers, not only reducing downtime considerably but also minimising the overall timeline for projects from start to finish.”

Reduced downtime is critical for most businesses. It reduces the impact and resulting cost of business interruptions. The average cost of migrations to AWS will be greatly reduced.

“It is our objective to be able to execute any SAP to AWS migration within the normally available maintenance windows” says Kieran.

For Walter Beek, Group CEO, this is further acceleration for the company’s path towards fully automated SAP on AWS. “Using MiCloud, anybody with limited technical skills should be able to migrate an SAP system to AWS, in near-0 downtime, and manage it on AWS successfully, in a high performing manner with near-0 downtime.”


About Lemongrass Consulting

Lemongrass Consulting, headquartered in Reading, England, and with operations in all global geographies, was established in 2008 as a specialist SAP Technology consultancy. Lemongrass specialise in the implementation, migration, operation, innovation and automation of SAP on AWS, covering both the SAP Business Suite and Business One applications. The company has been working with AWS since 2010, is an Advanced APN Consulting Partner, an AWS accredited Managed Service Provider and was the second company globally to achieve the SAP on AWS capability.

Lemongrass has a long established experience in ensuring smooth migrations for businesses from SME to large enterprises. The company offers a wide range of SAP-centric technical services and solutions to customers, including a number of innovative solutions such as DevOps, Data Lakes, IoT and Machine Learning.

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