Lemongrass Consulting Certified Under G-CLOUD 11 for SAP on AWS

Posted 10 June 2019 by Walter Beek / Ben Lingwood

Lemongrass Consulting is one of the very few AWS Premier Partners certified under the G-CLOUD 11 framework to deliver SAP on AWS migrations, automation and run services for UK Government organisations.

AWS Premier Consulting Partner

For our G-CLOUD 11 submission for 2019-20, we have harnessed our Cloud Management Automation platform to provide automated SAP platform builds (DevOps), SAP operational automation which leverages embedded machine learning, Financial Governance and access to innovation beyond SAP in areas such as Data Lakes and Interface discovery.

With the G-CLOUD 11 release date set for updates in July, these services will be accessible to all UK GOV organisations.


G-Cloud underpins the Governments “Cloud First” policy launched in 2013 to shift towards an agile cloud way of working and was set up to ease the heavyweight procurement process that burdens many Public sector engagements.

Government UK GCloud Digital Framework

G-Cloud covers core areas of Cloud-based platforms (IaaS to SaaS) and associated managed support services. It consists of a series of framework agreements that span core commercial and procurement areas such as service definitions, certifications, company registrations, security and more.

Once awarded organisations who successfully apply and are accepted onto the framework are added into the GOV Digital Marketplace allowing public sector organisations to both purchase services & capabilities directly in addition to tender invitations under a standardised contract framework.