We’ve Got the Juice: SAP on AWS with Lemongrass, Part 2

Posted 17 September 2020 by Matt Clemente

Leaning Towards Lean

IT services continue to try to balance growing demands and shrinking resources, hence the need for a leaner approach with efficiency and proactivity built-in. A lean, more proactive approach frees resources to achieve business goals, instead of continually fighting very preventable failures. Teams can also decrease the number of unique monitoring tools they use in daily operations, therefore, increasing their own efficiency. This also reduces the overall complexity of the IT system, breaking down silos, and reducing licensing costs.

Lemongrass “Juice”

A Deliberate Culture of Innovation

As part of our proactive approach, Lemongrass has implemented change at the Global Operations Services Level. We’ve cultivated a culture where merit and awareness focus on prevention, rather than traditional resolution based KPI’s. This change of focus encompasses all our practices and toolsets. It ensures that our architectures are always based on science and fact versus simple insurance policies. Since we reward proactivity, our technology team is free to develop innovative predictive and self-healing toolsets, enhancing the user experience and improving our products.

Full Transparency

Lemongrass provides access to SAP’s innovative single-pane-of-glass approach to resource management. Clients can view all resources, their data center landscape, and master data from a single window. This snapshot overview of their system allows for proper prioritization. It also enables silo breakdown while eliminating duplicate efforts and enabling proactivity. Since IT Managers have access to all relevant information on a single screen, they can easily spot and prevent incidents before they occur, or, at least in the early stages, before the error causes severe damage.

One size Does Not Fit All

The one-size-fits-all approach to business software doesn’t work anymore. All businesses differ, and thus their individual needs and the accompanying solutions differ as well. Working closely with business executives and IT teams, we determine the best solution – or set of solutions – for that specific business. We then assist in implementing tailor-made systems, improving business processes, monitoring, and analytics. In short, we help drive your business forward, offering cutting edge digital resources, enhancing your competitive advantage by Designing SDCS at a microscopic level with each application having the SLA, SDC as needed.

We hope you enjoyed Matt’s blog post, this is part two of a three-part series.