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How will Lemongrass help you and your customers?

Every SAP customer will generate multiples of revenue from non-SAP Workloads. Winning SAP is of strategic importance. Our joint ability to Innovate for SAP on AWS is a winning combination.

Recognised as one of your top-performing partners.

We have a strong and focused value proposition for working with AWS Account Managers and their teams on SAP opportunities:

SAP Cloud Readiness Discovery

We have developed a compact, ready to deploy SAP Cloud Readiness Discovery. We execute this as part of all of our Proof of Concepts.

We can also, together with the AWS Account Teams, run this as a separate exercise, helping customers to articulate their business case for SAP on AWS.

Our SAP Cloud Readiness Discovery covers the following areas and is a good structure for early customer engagement and validation:

SAP Business Discovery

  • SAP Strategy Discovery – What is the strategic direction for SAP; What major events are on the planning horizon and why; Is DevOps, Data Lake, IoT, Machine Learning considered; How can running SAP on AWS add value, where;
  • SAP Business Impact Discovery – Is day to day business innovation enabled; what is business perception; How is system availability, performance; how has this impacted the business; How is quality of technical service rated, where and how is this impacting the business;
  • SAP Programme Impact Discovery – Is Programme delivery and acceleration enabled; what is Programme perception; How is system availability, performance; how has this impacted the business; How is the quality of technical service rated, where and how is this impacting the programme.

SAP Application Discovery

  • SAP Application Discover – What Applications are running; What Version, Patch Levels; Are they up-to-date;
  • SAP Landscape Discovery – What Environments are in use and why; How could this be improved when on the cloud; When were they last refreshed; What can be done as part of migration;
  • SAP Application Usage & Performance Discovery – How often are each of the Applications used; by how many users; What are the potential ’system start/stop’ windows; What is overall performance against benchmark; Are there any poorly performing transactions, what are they;
  • SAP Housekeeping Discovery – What is patching strategy for application, kernel etc; What housekeeping jobs are running; Are they successfully executed; What additional housekeeping jobs should be running;
  • SAP Data (Base) Discovery – What Databases are used; what is license cost; can this be optimised; What versions, patch levels, and are they up-to-date; What is patching, upgrade strategy; What are the data base sizes; How will they be impacted by migration (method); What is the volume of redundant Technical Data by system;
  • SAP Solution Manager Discovery – What is SolMan being used for (core management); What additional use cases do we recommend.

SAP Integration Discovery

  • SAP Integration Discover – What integrations are running: from which to which application; How often do they run; which are critical for the business; How are they coded, can they be seamlessly migrated; What data volumes do they include;
  • SAP Integration Management Discovery – How is ongoing change to integration managed; How is integration monitored, alerted, to whom; What tooling is in place; owned by, managed by.

SAP Security Discovery

  • Security Framework Discovery – Are any security frameworks being followed (CIS, NIST);
  • Landing Zone Discovery – Do you already run on AWS; Who owns the Landing Zone; What design patterns are used;
  • Data Security Discovery – What policies and external compliance is in place; What obfuscation strategy, tooling is in place; What level of encryption is in place (rest, transit, database etc.);
  • External Threat Discovery – What external threat protection is in place.

SAP Business Continuity Discovery

  • RPO, RTO and PiTO Discovery – What targets for each, and by environment, are in place; When was this last tested, used: were targets achieved; Are targets in line with business requirements;
  • Backup & Recovery Discovery – How is Backup & Recovery enabled: approach; What tooling is in place; what is cost (licenses, operation, storage) What improvements can be made;
  • High Availability Discovery – How is Backup & Recovery enabled: approach; What tooling is in place; what is cost (licenses, operation, storage).

SAP Operate Discovery

  • SAP Major Incident Discovery – What is Quarterly volumes of P1s; What is trend, underlying root cause; What initiatives are in place to reduce;
  • SAP Operate Service Discovery – How easy is it to adapt, change; What SLAs are in place, other qualitative measurements; How is SLA and other measures achievement;
  • What Service Catalogue Discovery – What are the core statistics by Service Catalogue item; What commercial model is in place; does it work;
  • SAP Operate Tooling Discovery – What tooling is in place; Who is it owned by, what is cost; How easy is it to change.

SAP Comms Discovery

  • WAN Discovery – What WAN is in place; what is cost; How fast, easy is it to change; Who manages it;
  • Firewalls, LAN Discovery – What is in place; Who manages it; How fast, easy is it to make changes.

SAP Infrastructure Discovery

  • Infrastructure Discovery – Are you currently running on which public cloud; Who is your data centre provider; What are infrastructure lead times; What infrastructure is currently in place; Is there over/under capacity, and how easy is it to change; what is level of change requirement; What is ‘fully loaded cost’ per (new) server; What is cost per TB of (additional) storage; What is total annual infrastructure cost; When was this last refreshed; What is usage against critical measures; What OS is in place, how up-to-date is it;
  • Infrastructure Management Discovery – What OS patching strategy is in place; What patching tooling is in place; What compliance management tooling is in place; who owns it.

SAP Design, Migrate & Operate Discovery

  • High Level Architecture & Cost Discovery – Do you already operate on AWS; Do you have an EA in place; Do you have a MAP in place; Are you using Enterprise Support; Who manages AWS Cost; Who will run AWS, how; Is Opex or Capex preferred;
  • High Level Migration Plan & Cost – What technical migration approach is recommended; What automation will be used, for what; What is high level plan, cost; What commercial model is preferred;
  • SAP Operate Cost Discovery – What commercial model is preferred; What automation will be used, for what; What are (Quarterly) Cost (Trends) for: Technical Service; License Cost; Infrastructure; What are (Quarterly) Cost Forecasts post migration for: Technical Service; License Cost; Infrastructure.

Our Geography AWS Partner Success Team

To ensure your easy access into the Lemongrass team, we have appointed AWS Partner Success Managers in each of the geographies. They are 100% focused on ensuring new joint opportunities are progressed.

Mark Hirst

Mark Hirst


Tel: +44 (0) 7976 735271

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Lyne Lambert

AWS Partner Manager Americas

Tel: +1 34 79 78 37 17

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Andrew Millar

AWS Partner Manager Asia Pacific

Tel: +61 42 57 22 87 6

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Our Engagement Model

The SAP community has developed its own strong jargon, also known as SAP Speak. We see that more and more, CIOs and CTOs of SAP-Centric Organisations have a deep SAP background.

Getting our deep experts, fluent in SAP Speak and with a wealth of deep practical experience in SAP on AWS, engaged with the customers, shaping the opportunity, is a critical success factor.

We have identified AWS Account Teams allowing us to engage deeply and directly ‘from an SAP expert to an SAP expert’ with potential customers as a critical success factor.

It ensures a high quality and deep SAP centric engagement. And as we only do AWS and will always work with you, you can have the confidence to let us engage.

leading knowledge

Case studies of how we collaborated successfully on what are now major SAP on AWS accounts are available from your AWS Partner Success Team.

Innovation for Ultra-Large SAP Migrations at Near-0 Downtime

Achieving minimal disruption during migrations to AWS is critical. We always engage with our customers on a near-0 downtime agenda.

Our target is to deliver any migration with a technical downtime of 4 hours or less. This enables the migrations to find within established maintenance windows.

We have developed an approach for migration of Ultra-Large SAP Application migrations, and we have successfully deployed this for 50+ TB systems, in near-0 downtime scenarios.

References are available from your AWS Partner Success Team.

Innovation with Rapid S/4 HANA Deployment

We have an offering in the AWS Solution Space for Rapid S/4 HANA Deployment:

The combination of SAP software, AWS, and Lemongrass can accelerate a customer’s S/4 HANA project in a fully automated, fully managed, fully configurable, single-tenant, production S/4 HANA landscape.

References are available from your AWS Partner Success Team.

Innovation with SAP Centric Data Lake

Demand for Data Lakes, driving business value from enterprise data, is increasing. We have found this one of the most ‘stickiest’ propositions in our engagements.

We have deployed SAP HANA centric Data Lakes, as well as SAP-Centric Data Lakes utilising AWS native tooling for a number of customers.

We have an offering in the AWS Solution Space for Rapid Data Lake Deployment:

Innovation with SAP DevOps on AWS

Managing SAP, and in particular ‘on-premise’ or with more traditional service partners and data centres is a complex and extremely slow undertaking. Innovation is stifled and lock-in behind the large programmes of work.

We have developed an approach to unlocking this innovation through utilising DevOps principles:
DevOps for SAP. Articulating this proposition usually puts a sparkle in the eyes of enterprise SAP teams.

References are available from your AWS Partner Success Team.

Innovation with SAP IoT and Machine Learning

The concept of connected devices via the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has radically evolved over the last few years. The rather limited view of it being simply physically connected devices has now been broken down into more granular, usable atomic elements.

And none more-so than with SAP in the AWS Ecosystem. Lemongrass will be building deep expertise in this area to help customers capitalise on the opportunities this brings to their business.

Innovation for SAP Business One

SAP has successfully engineered their Small and Medium Enterprise solution, SAP Business One, to run on HANA. Lemongrass provides a fully automated implement and operate solution to SAP Business One Partners.

References are available from your AWS Partner Success Team.