What is DevOps?

DevOps is an approach which builds upon Agile development – a flexible, collaborative, and efficient way of delivering results, fast. In DevOps, teams focus less on silos and more on the outcomes of a business, using a high degree of interaction and automation to achieve continuous improvement.

Why DevOps is important

The benefits of embracing DevOps for SAP include:

  • Fast, robust, high quality delivery of small, medium and large innovations
  • An integrated methodology, responsive to client requirements in a fluid manner
  • The automation of processes, resulting in manual activities and bottlenecks

How DevOps works:

The introduction of DevOps to an SAP landscape is one of the single largest TCO and innovation agility boosters an organisation can make within an Enterprise SAP landscape. Put simply, by implementing DevOPs technology into the landscape, the overhead of  infrastructure and technology setup is removed from the critical path empowering the business to release innovation faster,  be more reliable by reducing the human element, and drive large improvements on implementation speed. Simply put, DevOps delivers faster Time to Value.

To bring this to life let’s look at the example illustration. In most organisations non production SAP environments far outnumber the production release systems due to the fact that change in SAP requires project release systems, sandboxes etc to remove the risk from the Production landscape. Factor in multiple projects and the result is a significantly large non production landscape which requires CAPEX to buy, Network teams to setup, Infrastructure teams to maintain rack & stack and ultimately SAP Basis resources to install, patch and maintain, it all adds up.

In an automated DevOps enabled model infrastructure becomes a few lines of code, security groups, network isolation and user accessibility are menu driven standard automation executions. The net result is a production system can be cloned or copied into new systems inside an hour, including security hardening, network isolation, system and SID renames and business users active. In the traditional world this would easily be 3-4 weeks work. Key benefits include:

  • Provisioning, copying or cloning SAP environments on demand – same day availability.
  • Customer manageable schedules, not using the systems overnight or weekend? Simply shut them down.
  • Run environments only as long as you need from a few hours to multiple months.
  • Always working from the latest production image removes the risk of updates being developed in un-refreshed development systems.
  • No Humans to create error. Automated deployments mean exact outcomes every time.
  • Large optimisations of development and release timescales by removing the wait time for system availability.
  • Instant access to infrastructure improvements – leverage cost reductions, technology improvements in compute, storage and network as they are released.
  • Real time visibility and control over costs, by system project or any business unit required instantly visible in Finance Operations (FINOPS) tools, including automatic discovery of unapproved items.

By implementing DevOps technology into their landscapes our customers have drastically reduced their SAP landscape footprint, and driven large business agility improvements by building only the systems they need, for only as long as they are needed. For more information, see a demo or learn more about how DevOps can be applied into your landscape  please call or email us directly.