What is cloud automation?

Cloud automation involves the use of tools and processes to reduce the amount of manual work needed to manage workloads deployed on the cloud. It capitalises on the opportunity provided by infrastructure as a code.

The benefits of cloud automation

Cloud automation increases the speed and efficiency of managing workloads on a cloud environment and to simplify any complexities.

The traditional approach to deploying and operating enterprise workloads is often laborious, slow and prone to errors that require costly troubleshooting – and result in the delay of workload availability and potential security risks.

Cloud automation can minimise or eliminate manual processes through the use of automation and orchestration tools that reside directly on the virtualised environment. Orchestration allows the workload processes to be codified, which can then be automated without human involvement.

Implementing these measures save time and money, and as workflows are more reliable, also results in faster deployments with fewer errors and cost of rework.