As the world’s leading public cloud, AWS is the cloud of choice for enterprise workloads.

Amazon knows the cloud inside out and has been offering computing services there for over ten years.

SAP approved

SAP has certified AWS for productive use of all key SAP products, including

  • S/4HANA
  • BW/4HANA
  • Hybris
  • Business Suite
  • BusinessObject

Lemongrass is an exclusive SAP on AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and reseller. We believe AWS is the only platform for consideration as:


AWS Azure
Longevity: has been offering cloud services for over a decade. Has offered cloud services since 2010.
Operates as a fully virtualised platform – DevOps, FinOps and SecOps won’t work without this. Physical hardware is unagile and a fixed cost. Currently remains a split architecture between virtual (Azure) and Physical (HLI) running in independent zones.
Has the largest virtual 4/HANA certified platforms (4TB), with 8 announced in 16TB due to be released this year.
Has been a Garter recognised leader since the cloud quadrant was released.
Platform diversity: Offers a range of 102+ platform services covering Non-SAP, serverless DBs (Dynamo, Aurora etc), advanced networking services.
Technology agnostic platform for Big Data (S3 Hadoop, Spark, Elastisearch etc).
Open and public facing pricing, “Glass box” ensures that everybody has visibility on IaaS costs.
Innovation pace ~1000 new innovations / platforms released yearly into AWS. In addition to new regions opening in 2018/19
Easy licensing options AWS has always made it a point to give customers headache-free licensing.  It is all a matter of paying for the licenses that you use no matter what AWS is offering you avail of.  But if you have Microsoft licenses that you’ve already paid for, you might be eligible for license mobility.  This means that you do not have pay double for using the same Microsoft server applications you’re currently using.

Azure also has the same license and mobility standards.

Do not assume, however, that all your Microsoft licenses are eligible.  For instance, Windows Server is not a part of the list of available applications, but Exchange Server, SQL Server, Skype, System Center Server and Project Server are