Service Delivery Manager

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Job Title: Service Delivery Manager

Location: UK, Germany, USA, Argentina & Mexico

Reports to: SVP, Operate and/or SVP, Project Delivery

Job Function: Delivery and Service Management 

Specialisations:  Service Design, Implementation & Testing, Service Take-On, Contract Management, AWS Cost Management, Service Automation, Service Improvement, Customer Relation Management, Service Escalation Management. 

Lemongrass Consulting ( is the leading professional and managed service provider of SAP enterprise applications running on AWS hyperscale cloud infrastructure. Our objective is to delight our customers every day by reducing the cost and increasing the agility of their SAP systems. We do this with our continuous innovation, automation, migration and operation, delivered on the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform, AWS. We have been working with AWS since 2010 and we are a Premier Amazon Partner Network (or APN) Consulting Partner. We are also an SAP Certified Silver Partner.

Our team is what makes Lemongrass exceptional and why we have the excellent reputation in the market that we enjoy today. At Lemongrass, you will work with the smartest and most motivated people in the business. We take pride in our culture of innovation and collaboration that drives us to deliver exceptional benefits to our clients every day.

Summary: Many organizations use a multi-levelled team for end-to-end Service Delivery. Each member of the team delivers a small and specific task.


Service Design, Implementation & Testing

Service Take-On

 Service Stabilisation or Hyper Care

Operational Service Management

Customer Relationship Management

Contract Management

AWS Cost Management

Service Level Management

Service Escalation Management

Service Automation

Service Improvement

DevOps Deployment


We are deep SAP specialists and our customers expect us to be able to have a sensible conversation about SAP. As a Service Delivery Manager, you are the key interface between the Customer and Lemongrass.

For that to be a trusted and value-added relationship, you need to be able to have meaningful conversations with SAP Functional, Technical and Management capabilities within the customer and Lemongrass.

In addition to being fluent in ‘SAP Speak’, a good understanding of ITIL processes and terminologies is important, as is a level of affinity with Infrastructure Management, Data Lifecycle Management and Solution Manager.

  • You are innovative – You are happy to challenge established patterns in the industry if they do not make sense to customers; you are able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and observe what we do from their perspective; you keep abreast of developments and know when to introduce them to your customers;
  • Command authority naturally – You don’t need borrowed power to enlist the help of others – you just know how to do it – you are optimistic and are viewed in a favourable light and are valued by the organisations you work for;
  • Possess quick sifting abilities, knowing what to note and what to ignore – The latter is more important since there’s almost always too much data, and rarely too little; ignoring the right things is better than trying to master extraneous data;
  • Set, observe, and re-evaluate priorities frequently – You focus and prioritise by ranking what is on your plate constantly and by handling fewer actions, emails, attending fewer meetings, and generally limiting their data input;
  • Ask good questions and listen to stakeholders – Great project managers don’t just go through the motions; they care about communication and the opinions of the parties involved and they are sufficiently self-aware to know how their communication is received by those stakeholders;
  • Do not use information as a weapon or a means of control – You communicate clearly, completely, and concisely, all the while giving others real information without fear of what they’ll do with it.
  • Possess domain expertise in (agile) project and service management – You will end up not just having generic management skills; you will also have a deep familiarity with the multiple fields that Lemongrass operates in, the tools we operate and the approaches we deploy that gives you a natural authority and solid strategic insight;
  • Exercise independent and fair consensus-building skills when conflict arises – But you embrace only as much conflict as is absolutely necessary, neither avoiding nor seeking grounds for control of a particular project segment;
  • Cultivate and rely on extensive informal networks inside and outside Lemongrass to solve problems that arise – You identify any critical issues that threaten projects and handle them resolutely (vs. ignoring them);
  • Look forward to going to work – You believe that service delivery management is an exciting challenge that’s critical to our success: you view service delivery management as a career and not a job, and you treat it so by seeking areas for change, improvement and additional training and education.

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