Service Desk Administrator

Job Opportunity

Job Title: Service Desk Administrator

Location: Malaysia/Philippines

You In General

You are a confident individual with a structured way of thinking. You like working with people and know-how to help them deliver to company and customer requirements.

You can think outside of the box, combining what you know into solutions. You understand what is required to deliver a good customer experience and to deliver to deadlines.

You do not necessarily need or want to work 8 hours a day: sometimes more and sometimes less works well for you. You like the flexibility that the potential of working a large part of your time from home offers you.

You pride yourself in your ability to deliver on what you have promised, and you like solving problems. At the same time, you also understand that sometimes things just need to be done. You like working with clients, and they like working with you. You are a team player and are happy to share your knowledge with others.

Responsibility as Service Desk Administrator

As Service Desk Adminstrator, you are supporting the Service Delivery Manager and working with the PMO (Project Management Officer) and are responsible for the following:

Service Desk Management:

Client reporting support:

Management support:

You in Detail, Now and in the Future

You tick most of the following boxes with a smile as it describes you to a T:

You understand that you will need to and are excited with the opportunity that you will need to learn so that you can tick the following boxes in the future (your development pat):

Your Role at Lemongrass

You will be joining the Service Desk Team at Lemongrass and will be learning very quickly.

You will be trained in:

1. Microsoft Products – We will ensure you can master Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS-Projects tools from Microsoft with a high level of confidence as is required in your role;

2. Lemongrass Tools – You will receive training in the Lemongrass Tools such as SysAid, Kimble, and Smartsheets so that you can execute your role effectively and efficiently;

3. Lemongrass Approaches – You will learn how Lemongrass supports our clients and the services we offer and what your role in the process is;

4. SAP, AWS Solutions – You will understand the terminology, what it does, what challenges there are and how what we do fits into that;

5. You will be working primarily from home and when required the Lemongrass office

Your Remuneration

All Lemongrass staff are remunerated in relation to their success and achievements: the day rate model.

In this model, you receive a base salary plus a percentage of your applicable day rate. Different rates apply to internal work, fixed price work or t&m chargeable work.

Seniority Level: Mid-level

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Employment Type: Full-time

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