Our Values

Creating Customer Expectations and a Sense of Belonging

We are a global, rapidly growing, decentralised organisation and our leadership principles are important to us. They create customer and partner expectations, and a sense of belonging for us as a team.

Lemongrass Offices locations, global service provider SAP on AWS

Our leadership principles are closely aligned to those of our strategic partner, AWS. This ensures an aligned way of working between AWS, Lemongrass and our customers.

Leadership Principles

We use our leadership principles every day, whether engaging with our customers, planning and executing our day jobs, discussing ideas for innovation or reflecting on our team and individual performances.

Our core leadership principles are:

Engagement Model


Our goal is to help SAP-Centric Enterprises improve through adoption of digital technology, and in particular HANA, automation, and the AWS public cloud.


We are comfortable in our ability and sharing risks and rewards with our customers. Our commercial models reflect this.


We recognise that value is only delivered in the operate phase. On this basis, we require Lemongrass to be engaged in operate for the initial 12 months as a minimum.


Our engagement model is based on an SAP-centric start of engagements; once engaged we explore non-SAP requirements with our customers to provide the benefits of a one-stop-shop.


Our ecosystem of specialist partners supplements our capability, in particular by providing great tools for automation and DevOps operation.

around world

Our people are spread around the world. Each cell has representatives in each of our delivery centres enabling follow-the-sun delivery.


We are on-site if we must, off-site if we can. We customise our engagement to the requirements of our customers. We reduce your cost and save the environment by working from home.


Providing a great place to work is important to us, meaning a positive working relationship with our customers and partners, a healthy work-life balance, and working on projects for the deployment of leading-edge technology.

Eco-Friendly Consulting

From day one, Lemongrass has operated with a globally distributed workforce. As a born-in-the-cloud organisation, we support green IT: all our applications are cloud-based. We also embrace an eco-friendly business model, through our culture, methodologies and the technology we use.

Working closely with clients, we reduce travel whenever we can, without compromising quality. As well as being good news for the environment, this approach reduces project expenses, saving our customers money. Last but not least, it helps us create a great place to work – with less travel and time away from home.