SAP Business One Partnership

Providing you and your customers with
SAP to AWS acceleration

Why partner with Lemongrass on SAP Business One?

Our mission is to enable SAP Business One Partners to deploy and operate many SAP Business One environments, on HANA or SQL, cost competitive, fast and with confidence, anywhere.

We work with Partners in 15 countries, and understand how intensive on hardware and IT staff SAP Business One can be when it is operated on-premise. Our SAP to AWS model means that SAP Business One can be easily migrated to the cloud, and we handle the hosting workload so you can focus on implementing, not infrastructure challenges.

What are the benefits?

We want to make you look good!
Some of the benefits to moving your SAP Business One customers to AWS with us include:

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Speed up with automation with the Lemongrass Cloud Management Platform, Our Automated Solution, ensures you can go from agreeing the deal with the customer to full technical deployment in hours. The infinite infrastructure capacity of AWS means that we can grow with customer requirements without interruption.

Our Cloud Management Platform Workspace as well as the Lemongrass Cloud Management Platform RDS connections are designed to be highly secure, for instance protecting customers against Ransomware attacks. Deployment of each customer in their own, fully segregated private cloud, with mandated Sophos, further strengthens our deeply secure offering.

Cost-effective and Transparent
Our Partner Pricing Model means that you are not dictated to, and can remain independent. We provide a one-day notice clause, allowing you to change your model as and when you like. And, of course, we share all cost savings achieved with our Partners.

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Fully customisable
Each of your customers’ environments can be customised, allowing you the freedom to scale up and down, as well as to deploy add-ons or bespoke development, where required. The customer remains unique and independent – even with the if and when to patch, upgrade or change their environment.

around world
Enterprise standard, SME approach
We support all scenarios with enterprise-level service: SQL or HANA, upgrades and migrations, patching and technical support. We take an SME approach and can start small before you grow big – starting with one or two-seat deployments within environments that can seamlessly scale to whatever size is required.

Built together
We work with you and your customers, to provide what you both want. Our fully-managed offering takes away the need to build any internal capabilities. And if you’re like to have extended support we can provide full technical service too.

What working together can look like

A fully managed, technical service using our Cloud Management Platform methodology and automation platform.

fully managed service

The process from start to finish

Deploy B1 Landscape in AWS

Lemongrass Steps

  • Cloud bootstrap including
    dedicated customer accounts.
  • B1 System deploy – this can
    be based on defined default
    partner template
  • Backup & DR enabled.
  • Share access information with
Install Customer Specific Add-Ons

Partner Steps

  • Partner installs additional
    software for particular
  • Partner creates customer
    template for future deploys
    and as a backup.
  • Partner implements business
    configurations in B1
B1 System is Live at Customer

Joint Process

  • Lemongrass monitors
    customer system
  • Issue resolution via our
    helpdesk ticketing solution
  • Service quality assurance &
    continuous cost

“Our customers benefit from the low cost, customized hosting in Lemongrass’s Single Tenant HANA Cloud Management Platform. We like that as a Business One Partner as we have total control of our customer’s systems while relying 100% on Lemongrass for Enterprise-Grade Security, Backups and Restoration Processes.”

Mark Burt, CEO at D1 Technologies