Prepare for SAP on AWS

Creating Buy-in and Identifying
Early Benefits to Kick-start Your
Digital Transformation Journey

Do you want to start a Greenfield Implementation of SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Business Suite or Business One on AWS? Are you considering a Migration of your on-premise, on Azure or on HEC SAP environments to AWS? Are you considering an SAP HANA Data Lake on AWS? Or do you have a number of legacy SAP systems and are considering Application Archiving your SAP systems on AWS?

Where and How Do You Start?

We have worked with SAP to AWS since 2007 and can take you through successful preparation steps, making sure risks are identified and understood, your whole team is on board and early benefits and ‘things you can do now’ are identified to kick-start your transformation journey to operating SAP on AWS with a high level of clarity.

What This Means for You

We have a large number of referenceable customers for a large number of SAP on AWS scenarios.
We actively encourage our customers and potential customers to engage, share and learn together.

business case


  • Knowing the art of the possible, fast, inspires confidence
  • We have a number of ‘good practice’ SAP on AWS patterns
  • Using our proprietary cost modeller, we rapidly deliver a detailed multi-year cost for SAP on AWS
  • We have benchmark costs for implementing, migrating and operating SAP on AWS

proof of concept

Proof Of Concept

  • Addressing the things that you and your team are worried about is the fastest route to adoption
  • You define the Proof of Concept critical success factors which we deliver using your systems, working with your team
  • We deliver Proof of Concepts for SAP systems on AWS fast and at a very competitive or even no cost to you

technical discovery

Technical Discovery

  • Migrating your SAP to Non-SAP Integration is a project risk
  • The same applies to OS Level scripting and file shares
  • Detailed knowledge is often lacking
  • Kick-starting a Technical Discovery using the Lemongrass Cloud Management Platform for Discovery is an early de-risker for your project that delivers clarity of risk and scope

technical readiness

Technical Readiness

  • What are the technical challenges you are experiencing that we can resolve with SAP on AWS?
  • We execute a detailed assessment of your current SAP environment
  • We identify early opportunities for improvement around batch windows, technical data volumes, and housekeeping

Typical Achievements

typical achievements

Business Case

We helped a customer break through a drawn-out, 14-month assessment cycle by showing in detail how their SAP on AWS cost would compare to the cost of their incumbent provider.

After showing a substantial 60%+ cost saving, the customer quickly decided for a Proof of Concept.

We helped an AWS-savvy customer bridge the gap between the native AWS and SAP teams, and proceeded to develop a 3-year SAP to AWS Migration Plan in a large amount of detail, showing all the different patterns that would be deployed.

We then proceeded in executing a Proof of Concept for each pattern.

Proof Of Concept

We engaged with a customer where the IT team was extremely sceptical about the benefits, values and achievable objectives with SAP on AWS.

We executed a Proof of Concept with very clear critical success factors, focused on their areas of concern, and with deep, hands-on participation from the customer team.

As the saying goes: seeing is believing, and the team turned from one of the most sceptical teams we have ever seen to one of the most convinced in a relatively short period of time.

Technical Discovery

We engaged with a customer who communicated ‘a good knowledge of integration’ with fewer than 100 interfaces, all managed via middleware.

We ended up with a detailed insight of over 180 interfaces, with a large number of a point-to-point and hard-coded nature.

We engaged with a customer with extensive AIX OS Level scripting that was identified as a ‘showstopper’.

We ran an OS discovery, identifying all bespoke scripting, providing a high level of confidence.

We defined a resolution for each script, removing a barrier to migration.

Technical Readiness

As part of the Seaco migration, we reduced critical batch processes from 4 days to less than 1 day, driving substantial business benefits.

For one of our SAP to AWS migrations, we identified that 30% of the database was filled with redundant SAP Technical Data: workflow data and similar that should be removed using standard housekeeping jobs.

Removing the redundant data resulted in an annual $100,000 cost saving.

For one of our customers, we identified that standard SAP housekeeping jobs were not running successfully.

We fixed the problems, added the jobs to our standard SolMan monitoring, and improved system performance in the process.

Careful and rapid preparation, addressing known opportunities and issues, helps achieve buy-in and identifying early benefits to kick-start your digital transformation journey, ensuring a smooth transition to SAP to AWS and helping to achieve early benefits.

Get in touch to discuss what you need to prepare to move SAP to the AWS cloud.

Our Core SAP on AWS Services

We provide a number of well-defined SAP on AWS services. We structure and standardise where we
can, yet allow customers the freedom to customise services where they require.


  • Business Case Creation
  • Rapid Proof of Concept Execution
  • Ensure Technical Readiness


  • Greenfield Implementation
  • Near-0 Downtime On-Premise to Cloud Migration
  • Application Archiving


  • Near 0-Downtime Maintenance & Operations
  • SAP Upgrades & Re-Platforming
  • SAP Business One


  • DevOps for SAP
  • SAP HANA-Centric Data Lake
  • Machine Learning & IoT


  • Discover & Migrate
  • Build & Operate
  • Collaborate, Govern & Secure