Implement SAP on AWS

Giving You Confidence in Execution
Through a Proven & Low Risk Approach

Keen to implement SAP on or migrate SAP to AWS and need a safe pair of hands? Lemongrass are global leaders in SAP on AWS. As we provide a ‘SAP Basis and Downward’ service, we are well positioned to support your existing internal teams or work alongside your existing external partners.

We Have a Proven, 100% Success Rate for Migration and Implementation

Lemongrass was the second company globally to achieve SAP on AWS Capability. We are an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, a Managed Service Partner and AWS Reseller. We are also an SAP Service Partner. Our team were among the first to deploy SAP and SAP HANA on AWS and our experience goes back to 2007: it takes 10 years to get 10 years of experience!

What This Means for You

near zero

Near-0 Downtime

  • We always take a near-0 downtime approach, independent of database and size
  • Near-0 downtime reduces cost of business interruption and reduces migration risk
  • We use native patterns and have developed our own, unique patterns for extremely large database near-0 downtime

low risk

Low Risk

  • We have learned more lessons for SAP on AWS than any other Partner
  • As we only employ highly experienced staff, we are able to deal with the ‘unknown unknowns’
  • We capture our experience – and we still learn every day – in our Lemongrass Cloud Management Platform for Methodology
  • We uniquely have, and protect our proven 100% success rate
  • Our ‘need to succeed’ gives us a strong, shared objective


Roadmap to

  • We drive digitalisation of SAP-centric IT through our Cloud Management Platform and have an objective to fully automate all we do
  • We scan the SAP on AWS ecosystem and bring innovations to our customers and ways of working
  • We have articulated a Roadmap to Accelerated Innovation once you have your SAP on AWS

cost certainty

Cost Certainty

  • We have cost benchmarks for all SAP on AWS scenarios
  • Our cloud way of working ensures a ‘pay as you consume’ approach to all cost
  • We provide full transparency of all cost
  • Our commercial models create a shared incentive to reduce cost

Implementation Scenarios for SAP on AWS

We provide a number of – ever increasing – SAP on AWS implementation scenarios. Our most common
patterns are listed below.

SAP DevOps

SAP DevOps Enablement

  • We rapidly migrate Non-Production environments to AWS, either as a temporary or prototyping environment, or as a permanent solution
  • We maintain up-to-date replicas of your Production environment
  • We enable our customers to stand up new Project Environments in a Self-Service Model
  • We fundamentally accelerate time to market for business innovation
  • We can provide trial licences for almost all SAP Apps

SAP Greenfield

SAP Greenfield

  • We only employ experienced staff, and are able to deal with all SAP Apps and Technologies
  • We implement on all OS and DB platforms, including HANA
  • As a SAP technology-focused and ‘partner-centric organisation’ we are best equipped to support your functional SAP partner and internal teams
  • Our DevOps for SAP approach accelerates your implementation, enabling rapid deployment, cost savings and early benefits

lift shift

Lift & Shift Cloud

  • We migrate customers from On-Premise, SAP HEC, Azure or Private Clouds to AWS
  • We migrate customers from any OS and DB to any OS and DB
  • Though SAP-centric in our relationship, we also migrate Non-SAP Apps
  • Homogeneous migrations are similar to heterogeneous migrations that include a change in OS and/or DB
  • Moving to an SAP ASE and HANA platform is a high-benefits pattern

migrate or implement

Implement on or Migrate to S4/HANA

  • We implement on or migrate customers to S4/HANA environments
  • Migration to S4/HANA is faster and more cost effective when already operating on AWS and a two-step approach may be considered
  • We are exploring patterns to enable segregation of active and passive data so as to optimise infrastructure cost

data lakes

(HANA Centric)
Data Lakes

  • We have experience across a number of (SAP HANA Centric) Data Lake designs
  • Once the core platform is established, we provide a Migration Factory approach to migration and adoption across your global business entities
  • We are working with our customers on both SAP HANA and AWS Native Data Lake designs

application archiving

Application Archiving SAP

  • Application Archiving is putting in-active reference systems on AWS so that the business can interrogate the data as and when required
  • These projects produce substantial and long-term cost savings, double-digit ROIs and Payback periods of months
  • Accessing the systems is self-service driven and negates the need for IT intervention and management

SAP disaster recovery

SAP Disaster

  • SAP Disaster Recovery on AWS provides better RPO and RTO against significantly lower cost
  • This pattern provides a potential early deployment as well as an enabler for DevOps for SAP and a full migration to AWS

SAP business one

SAP Business One

  • We provide our SAP Business One solution through Partners
  • The solution is a highly secure, standalone deployment, ensuring high performance and enablement of all add-on solutions
  • This is an automated, rapid and agile deployment on SQL or HANA
  • Migrations in all scenarios: from On-Premise to AWS, from SQL to SQL, SQL to HANA or HANA to HANA

Get in touch to discuss which SAP implementation will work best for you.

Benefits of Using Lemongrass as Your Reseller for AWS

We are an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, and a Reseller.

Managing a large and rapidly changing AWS estate is a challenge and transformation from managing long term, 3-year fixed infrastructure contracts. Are you ready to take on that challenge on your own?

We have built tools and ways of working to minimise your cost risk.

If you select us as your Resellers, we manage your AWS accounts to the lowest possible cost: we execute audits, ensuring cost-saving lessons learned are applied to all our managed accounts, and
optimise your compute and storage. We pass all cost savings identified on to you as our customers; as
part of the AWS Consolidated Account services we give our customers discounted access to
the Lemongrass Cloud Management Platform. We provide an SAP Enterprise Support level of experience at Business Support rates.

Or, in the words of Gareth Byrne-Perkins, Head of Infrastructure & Technical Architecture at Premier Foods:

“The Lemongrass AWS cost-saving approach is the gift that keeps on giving”.

Our Core SAP on AWS Services

We provide a number of well-defined SAP on AWS services. We structure and standardise where we
can, yet allow customers the freedom to customise services where they require.


  • Business Case Creation
  • Rapid Proof of Concept Execution
  • Ensure Technical Readiness


  • Greenfield Implementation
  • Near-0 Downtime On-Premise to Cloud Migration
  • Application Archiving


  • Near 0-Downtime Maintenance & Operations
  • SAP Upgrades & Re-Platforming
  • SAP Business One


  • DevOps for SAP
  • SAP HANA-Centric Data Lake
  • Machine Learning & IoT


  • Discover & Migrate
  • Build & Operate
  • Collaborate, Govern & Secure