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More Secure than On-Premise?

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Title: SAP on AWS – More Secure than On-Premise?

Introduction: Alex Pond, Business Development Director

Presentation: Paul Baverey, Chief Information Security Officer

Language: English

Duration: 40 minutes

In this webinar, discover the best ways to manage an Enterprise SAP Deployment Securely in AWS and how it compares to a traditional data center. Understand how cloud security differs from on-premise security and learn that migrating SAP to AWS is more than ‘lifting and shifting’.

We will talk through which Security Frameworks to use, AWS Security Principles, the Architecture, and give you direction with your Security Strategy.

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sap on aws enterprise security

Lemongrass became an AWS Partner in 2010 and have developed a security framework based on industry benchmarks, security principles & AWS best practices.

The AWS Cloud provides a scalable, highly reliable platform that enables customers to deploy applications and data quickly and securely. AWS manages the security of the AWS cloud infrastructure and Lemongrass are responsible for Security IN the cloud, operating, securing and automating SAP-Centric Enterprises.