SAP S/4 Accelerator
on AWS

Enabling SAP’s S/4 core can be a slow, expensive, and hence, a challenging undertaking.

Our SAP S/4 Accelerator on AWS will give you:

  1. Speed

    We will have you up and running on SAP S/4 in 24 hours.

  2. Adaptiveness

    Evolve from a Proof of Concept (PoC) to full Production.

  3. Scalability

    You can scale up or down, in or out, in hours.

  4. Low Cost

    We will charge by the hour for short term use or cost optimised for longer term.

  5. Agility

    If you want to use more or longer, less or shorter, you decide.

  6. Quality

    Our team of experts are at your disposal, 24 x 7.

In the past, rapid deployment of a PoC landscape that’s capable of evolving to full Production use simply was not possible. Typical engagements included lengthy development, procurement and provisioning cycles. They required you to be 100% clear at the start, and once in motion, were hard to change.


As a result:


No More…


Deploy a Fully Production Ready SAP S/4 Environment in Hours

Our SAP S/4 Accelerator on AWS, and using our MiCloud Automation Platform creates your SAP S/4 Landscape in hours.

This provides a rapidly deployed, production, scalable, private single tenant, secure SAP S/4 environment. This allows you to “Fast Start” S/4HANA move projects and initiatives quickly at minimal cost and risk.

We use our MiCloud automation and best practices to help you transform your SAP strategy on AWS with fast and reliable results. The landscape can be fully extended as required to run any other SAP or non SAP workloads and provides full access to our DevOps and automation capabilities inside MiCloud.


start your functional
Start your functional design in a fully certified, on-demand environment now

Run your PoC, or business process migration data on fully SAP certified software using the same landscape, orchestration, and tools you’ll use to go-live.

no costly
No costly programme delays

Your PoC and Programme environments comply to the same rigorous availability, performance and recoverability targets as your Production nlandscape. Gone are the times where you lose hundreds of thousands as a result of poorly managed – “it’s only non-production” – environments.

fully automated
Fully automated control of cost and availability

Control and manage your landscape with MiCloudenabling you to start & stop, copy, backup, recover, and clone your systems. Near Zero patching ensures you can execute updates to the latest S/4 Core version.

experience and explore
Experience and explore SAP on AWS

Use a current, fully patched SAP intelligent enterprise landscape running live using state of the art infrastructure, DevOps, automated managed services, 3rd party application integration, and more. What’s more, the final Accelerator solution can be used as a blueprint for building out the comprehensive final production SAP S/4 HANA intelligent enterprise landscapes.

Key features

Get started

You can get started immediately by visiting the AWS site, and clicking the “Request AWS
credits…” button>

This will start the process and with just a few questions to answer regarding your sizing, connection requirements, Network Landing Zone and any technical standards you require, your automated private deployment will be started.

Consulting offer: One month free for Proof of Concept

If you need to use the accelerator for a proof of concept (PoC) project, you can leverage AWS credits to
remove the infrastructure cost. So how can you do this, and what do you need to contribute?

Your contribution

How to get started