SMB Innovation Summit, 2020

SAP Business One

Bronze Sponsors for Spain, Philippines & Mexico

SMB Innovation Summit 2020 for SAP Business One

Manila, Philippines – June 2-4, 2020

Cancun, Mexico – October 14-16, 2020

Are You Ready to Move Your Customers to SAP B1 v10?

Visit our Stand where we will demonstrate:

Live Demo of Lemongrass SAP B1 v10 on AWS

Experience the new Windows 2019 Frontend

Simple Upgrade Migrations to SAP B1 v10

We can help you and make SAP B1 Hosting Easy. We can provide Low Costs, a Highly Secure Environment and a High Quality of Service.

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Our SMB Innovation Promotion

Get the First Month at List Price for Free

– For the First Customer for each New Partner
– For Every Multiple of the 10th New Customer for All Partners Going Forward

This applies to all new and existing partners and cannot be combined with other offers and discounts.

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What Cloud to Offer Which Customer?

As SAP Business One Partner, when considering bringing your customers to the Cloud, it is important to know what kind of ‘Cloud’ you will be offering. Not all Clouds are created equally!

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Contact the Lemongrass Team

Kieran Pierce, CEO Products
Attending: Spain, Philippines, Mexico | Email Kieran

Patrick Volney, SAP B1 Lead EMEA
Attending: Spain | Email Patrick

Leo Dreyer, SAP B1 APAC Business Development Manager
Attending: Philippines | Email Leo

Anita Christofferson, SAP B1 Americas Business Development Manager
Attending: Mexico, Email Anita

We look forward to seeing you there!

SMB Innovation Summit 2020